India’s first platform to build sustainable healthy habits for kids. Well researched and scientific methodology to build keystone habits in kids which will enable them to have deeper understanding about health and build strong foundation together. The program will improve their posture, movement competencies, nutritional habits and recovery.

The simplest solutions are more often the most effective; and achieving an overall healthy life can come simply by paying attention to the three pillars of MOVEMENT, NUTRITION AND RECOVERY. Whether you belong to an Olympic athlete category or a novice into the fitness spectrum, the principle applies. Our method, a simple 5 step approach is designed for your transformation.

eNERGIZE for Adults

Focused on improving your athletic fitness, our experts and technology have helped numerous individuals achieve better posture, higher energy level, strength and focus; in short, they improve their habits and lifestyle for success.

From the comfort of your home participate in our online program and experience athletic fitness.

X60 CrossFit

Become a member at our home location of X60 CrossFit to be a part of a safe and progressive functional strength and conditioning program or subscribe to our remote program. No matter what your current fitness level, our elite coaches will guide you in person in our group training classes at X60 CrossFit.

We have aligned our layout and team to give you the safest workout environment with 24X7 access.  Try out CrossFit group Session, CrossFit Personal Session, Boxing Personal Session and Personal Training@Home

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Schools building culture of health

The role of schools in laying the foundation of health is crucial. They can build a culture of health that can lead humanity to excellence

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Make a career in Sports and Fitness

If you are passionate about sports and fitness and are not sure how to make this as your career, come to us. Sports and fitness sector is growing rapidly. Come learn from us and we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be proud of how you can help others get fitter.

Drive performance in your organization

Improve performance in your team by improving their health. Get coaching from our nutrition and exercise specialists at your location. Talk to us to understand how to make that happen.