Get fitter by spending 5 minutes daily. The FUNc way!

We know the importance of physical exercise but find it challenging to build discipline around movement.

FUNc solves the problem of TIME, GUIDANCE and RESOURCE—the right product to create exercise behaviour.

And yes, it doesn’t cause injury when it falls on your feet like any dumbbell you get in the market.

“Let's make healthy happen.”

Rishikesh Kumar

How to use it?

The kit is so convenient that you can scan the QR code and get the workout of your choice and do it wherever you want. In the kit, you will get two custom weights bags with different weights: 1kg and 2 KG. The entire bag can also be used as equipment.

The functional weights are known for

  • Better Grip
  • Safe to use 
  • Easy to carry

Who can use it?

Athletes Mobility

The exceptionally convenient kit for mobility, strength and endurance. Young athletes can improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

Rehab Cases

Dumbells are very important for rehab but many a times it's not the safest option. FUNc is safe to use and doesn't cause injury when it falls on your body.

Women Specific

Special programs for women, you can include your daily requirement of functional movement even if you have a busy schedule.

We can write very impressive content to convince you that we are creating an impact nationally, but we prefer more humane interaction. Thats what health and fitness is all about. 

We can help you if

  • you are looking to build a career in fitness and sports sector or
  • looking to improve your fitness level in the most natural way.

We have group sessions and personal sessions for kids and adults and the format we follow

  • Open air training aligned to movement science, real food and sound sleep
  • For those who cannot come to our facility we have online sessions

We also do corporate level, state level and national level campaign to promote health and fitness.

Call us at +919447129189. Talk to a person not a machine 🙂


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Make a career in Sports and Fitness

If you are passionate about sports and fitness and are not sure how to make this as your career, come to us. Sports and fitness sector is growing rapidly. Come learn from us and we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be proud of how you can help others get fitter.

Drive performance in your organization

Improve performance in your team by improving their health. Get coaching from our nutrition and exercise specialists at your location. Talk to us to understand how to make that happen.