Staying Hydrated

The fuel for our body is not food. It is water. We never skip a meal, intact while binge-watching Netflix late at night, we might even indulge in having an extra meal. But when it comes to having water, we might go the entire day without drinking a glass. This is very unhealthy and something …

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Deep Health

There is a huge difference between fitness and bodybuilding. Where unlike bodybuilding, fitness deals with wider aspects of health than just the outer facade and aesthetic pleasure of a body. Bodybuilding might give you a few more likes on your Instagram but overall fitness training or deep health will help you in the long run …

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What if we told you that there are foods that are absolute powerhouses of all the nutrients together? You will be shocked right! So get ready to be shocked because such foods exist. They are called SUPERFOODS! These are foods that are extremely beneficial for human health due to their exceptionally high nutrient density. Eating …

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