Being a professional athlete takes another level of commitment, discipline, and consistency over the long term.

We coach both individuals and teams in our on-site or remote programs to fine-tune athletes’ bodies to their your sport while also developing the psychological balance to succeed.


The importance of physical strength was ingrained in me from an early age as for many other young men and women growing up in conflicted North East India, but my first brush with the concept of a fitness regimen was at my engineering college in Bhopal. Following in the footsteps of a few seniors, I joined them for a workout at the gym. The experience left me exhilarated and a fitness enthusiast for life.

In the 12 years post college I worked for various corporations and multi-national firms, and also earned a Masters in Business Administration. I spent time in different parts of India, assumed various roles and responsibilities, and learned about business best practices from great business leaders. All through these years I kept up a steady fitness regimen, taking out time for a workout even when there were exams or work deadlines to meet. 

As my understanding of fitness grew, I realized that the corporate sector severely lacked focus on health and fitness. Even the basic level of awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle was missing. For most people healthcare meant medical treatment; fitness simply meant losing weight or doing a random bodybuilding workout at the gym.

Through personal experience and research, I had come to the conclusion that the only thing required to stay healthy was to get back to basics – perform simple functional exercises, eat fresh food and get sufficient rest. When I discovered CrossFit a few years back I realized that it reflected my philosophy magnificently. It’s simplicity in approach was phenomenal. It gave me clarity, and the strength to pursue my dream of bringing fitness into focus at the corporate level. The journey since then has been remarkable. Climbing up the corporate ladder can never match the sense of achievement I feel on seeing my trainees get stronger day by day. I hope to continue this work until fitness becomes a global phenomenon.


  • Precision Nutrition L1 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • 12 years in Business Management in Trident, Idea, Nokia, Microsoft and Xseed
  • Education: B. Tech (NIT Bhopal) and MBA (KJ Somaiya)

Caleb Linn

I grew up heavily involved in sports and training. I have been playing basketball, American football, track and field, baseball, and other sports since I was a kid. I started lifting weights with my dad when I was 13 and fell in love with it. I did a lot of bodybuilding at first and got in pretty good shape. Then, as I got more into competitive and professional sports, I needed different training to fit my sports goals.

After I retired from American football, I needed some kind of training that could help me stay strong and fast, but also help me get really fit, so that I could go faster for longer. When I was in college at Kansas State University, I studied Nutrition and Kinesiology. Our Kinesiology program actually partners with Crossfit to help further the research for the sport and training. This is how I discovered it and learned more about the science behind it before I tried it myself.

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I tried my first Crossfit workout by myself in a YMCA gym. I tried a benchmark workout, called Diane. Somehow I figured out how to do a handstand pushup in that workout and loved the challenge so much, I never looked back. With Crossfit, I have achieved a higher level of fitness than I ever achieved with any other type of training. I have spent the last 10 years improving my Crossfit performance and coaching others. I have developed a passion for coaching young coaches and professional athletes throughout that 10 years and have had to privilege to coach some incredible people, applying many things I have learned from Crossfit to my own coaching.

Everyone I coach is like family to me and I love making it a fun place to work hard, see results, and make memories together. The greatest reward to me is not just seeing the physical results in people. The most rewarding thing to me is witnessing how fitness helps people feel more confident and develop more discipline in every area of their lives as their health improves.
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist – from NSCA
  • Crossfit Level 3 certified coach
  • Precision Nutrition: Level 1
  • CPR, AED: American Heart Association
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition – Kansas State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Kansas State University


“When you love something so deeply, it comes to you naturally at some point of time in life”

In the North-East region of India, everyone is taught that life will be successful only through education and academics is foremost.

With that in mind, I successfully submitted my PhD thesis in the field of Nanoscience & Technology.

And despite this, I participated and won District level Powerlifting competitions, right up to an ‘All India Inter-University Level.

Yet, nothing has impacted the course of My life as much as CrossFit has, which happened when a friend of mine took me along as company for one of his CrossFit sessions.

Nothing has ever, EVER, been as impactful as CrossFit has! Both, mentally and physically, I have just grown stronger, more disciplined than ever before.

Crossfit is my foray into the wellness sector. This is where I can help people reach optimum health goals.

And alongside this, i am working hard every single day, towards achieving the title of, ‘Fittest Man on Earth’. CrossFit rules!

I later approached X60 CrossFit and started working as an intern trying to understand the movements, programming, coaching and the community that defines CrossFit. Before I knew it I was a part of “The Dream Team”, coaching lean sessions, making mistakes and learning from constructive criticism I got from the coaches. 4 months into CrossFit and I am proud to call myself a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer. I have come a long way unlocking my first Handstand, Muscle up, Pistol Squat and Dus. It gives me immense pleasure to help people get fit by pushing them harder till they get what they want. This is just the beginning of my journey and I hope to change lives as I continue on the pursuit of happiness.

  • Crossfit Level 2 Certification
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science – Osmania University


I was a VFX artist with a full-time job for almost 6 years, the long working hours and unhealthy eating was showing up on the weighing machine, working out for an hour a day was not really helping out and there was no motivation to hit the gym every day. I really wanted to get into full-time fitness and that is when I discovered CrossFit, within a week I was hooked and my love for CrossFit kept growing with every passing day, the group workouts were a major motivation for me to get up every morning and hit the box, soon I started seeing changes in my body, my stamina increased I started feeling more energetic throughout the day, that’s when I decided to dedicate all my time into this and become a trainer and help more people achieve their goals and make them believe that what may seem difficuilt or impossible to do today can very well be their warm up one day.

I am loving my role of being a trainer and I truly believe that “one should work hard in silence and let the results make all the noise” & when not at the box you can find me filming youtube videos for my channel (CookEatTravelRepeat)


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • VFX Designer

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