Common causes of lower backache at work

If you’re reading this article it means you are mostly suffering from back pain. It doesn’t need any sort of introduction so let’s just get it straight, here are the common causes of lower back pain at work:

  1. Long hours of sitting

 Constantly sitting in one place, in the same posture can cause discomfort in the back area. But doing so repeatedly every day can be the cause for chronic lower backache.

  1. No Movement 

 Consistently sitting in front of the desktop the whole day long, with minimal movement doesn’t give your back a way to relax. When you get up and move, your back tends to stretch and move too. Without such a movement, staying in the same position causes lower backache.

  1. Lack of rest

 Messy sleeping schedules due to late office hours causes a lack of rest for the body. When the body doesn’t get enough rest, it tends to develop fatigue and body pains. This is another cause of lower backache.

  1. Force 

 Exerting way too much force. This can happen due to lifting something too heavy or moving heavy objects. This can hurt the back and cause lower backache.

How to cure lower backache?

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want an answer to the question: How to cure lower backache 

  1. Correct Posture 

 Having the right posture is the most important thing when it comes to how to cure lower backache. Choose a chair that supports your back and spinal curves properly. Only then it will be comfortable. While sitting, firstly remove your wallet or your phone from your back pocket. Adjust the height of the chair according to height so that your feet rest on the floor while you sit on it. Sit straight, don’t slouch while sitting. Keep your back straight.

  1. Take a break from the chair

 After every 2-3 hours take a small break and walk around a bit. Or simply stand up and stretch a little. This gives the back the movement that it requires and reduces cases of Lower backache.

  1. Change your positions

 To be able to answer the question of how to cure lower backache you will have to listen to your body. Knowing that sitting for prolonged periods, you should change your positions while sitting when you feel stress on your back. This change helps you prevent having a backache.

  1. Have a comfortable desk

 Design your workspace in a manner that it is comfortable for you. It should be managed in a way that all the things that you need are nearby. So that you don’t have to reach for your stuff, you don’t have to bend too much to take things or move forward to look at the desktop. 

  1. Wear low heels

 Wearing very high heels can be a significant cause behind a lower backache. They create an unstable posture while putting extra pressure on your lower back. It is always better to wear flats but if you have to wear heels, don’t take very high ones.

In today’s time, when a pandemic has hit the world, everything has become online. Your job is online, your kid’s school is online, everything is online. And somehow work from home isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires you to sit all day long in front of your phone or laptop and work. This causes a lot of health issues. There is no movement, no stretching of muscles which causes pain in various parts of the body. One of the most common one being the lower back. 

It is caused due to lack of movement, uncomfortable and wrong sitting posture, forcing yourself to work when you are tired, and long hours of sitting.

But how can we cure it? It’s easy, just a little changes in your everyday practices and boom, you will be fine again:

  • Sitting in the correct posture.
  • Taking a break every once in a while and strolling around even if it’s in your own house.
  • By changing your sitting position now and then.
  • Having a comfortable desk or working station.
  • Getting up and stretching after every few hours.
  • Doing a basic stretching session during a post-work workout 

Adhering to these few tips can make your lower back pain disappear and your back feel much better just in a few days!

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