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“Time and tide waits for no man”, an old but a very wise saying. This is especially true in case of athletes; the period of peak performance has to be optimized maximally through continuous training and guidance to help them perform at the highest level. We strongly believe in “Getting Stronger Everyday”. This why we do what we do.

We understand that the lockdown period has been difficult for all athletes; with most of them having to stick to generic workouts with little or no sport specific training. Each sport has its own requirements and a generic workout program simply just doesn’t work.

It is through this understanding the we have introduced the Customized Workout plan for Athletes program, to provide a complete strength and conditioning workout plan specific to your sport.

What you can expect:

  • Consultation with industry professionals to discuss specifics of the sport you are involved in.
  • Live in-depth assessment to evaluate current fitness levels and set goals.
  • Fully customized one month workout plan, complete with sets, reps and rest periods.

Use the lockdown period to work on your strength and conditioning levels; and once back on the field see your performance improve to the next level.