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-Directorate of Sports and Youth Services, Maharashtra

As the preparation to reopen the sports facilities are in progress, athletes are expected to understand and conduct themselves according to the norms that best promotes the safety of themselves and other fellow athletes. Adhere to the rules and directions provided by the coaches and support staff strictly. Please read the entire module to develop an understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of the code of conduct.

Maintaining Close contact

Definition of Close contact:

  1. Face-to-face contact in any setting with a confirmed or probable case, for greater than 15 minutes cumulative over the course of a week, in the period extending from 48 hours before onset of symptoms in the confirmed or probable case, or
  2. Sharing of a closed space with a confirmed or probable case for a prolonged period (e.g. more than 2 hours) in the period extending from 48 hours before onset of symptoms in the confirmed or probable case
  3. Contact is considered to have occurred within the period extending 48 hours before onset of symptoms in the patient, until the patient is classified as no longer infectious by the treating team (usually 24 hours after the resolution of symptoms)

In the event of any such conditions, the athletes are to disclose that to the coaches/ staff in charge. The athlete also has to submit the Consent form to be eligible to resume training.

The AarogyaSetu app is a mandatory requirement for all the Athletes. They will be permitted to resume the training only if the status in the app indicates that they are healthy and not carriers of the virus

Players Responsibility

  1. They Should not have the travel history before 15 days. 
  2. They Should wear N-95 proper mask before and after training.
  3.  If possible they should bring their own equipment for practice sessions.
  4. if they want to use the provided equipments, they have to sanitize before handling .
  5. They have to adhere to mandatory guidelines. Failure to comply will lead to ban on entering the facility.
  6. Players shall change before and after the training at their respective room. Use of low ventilated spaces and rooms that prevent social distancing, such as locker rooms and small dryland rooms shall be avoided.
  7.  Players requiring usage of common shower areas shall ensuresoaps, towels and any other utility is not shared. Athletes shall ensure socialdistancing is maintained even inside the toilets.
  8.  Athletes shall also perform personal and hand-hygiene before and after use of all training Equipment.

Do’s and Don’ts for Athletes while at the facility

While at the facility the athletes are expected to adhere to the guidelines that are given strictly during practice and after it, to maintain a hygienic environment for everyone. Familiarize with the various Do’s and Don’ts mentioned in the module.

S. NoDo’sDon’ts
1Educate oneself of precautionary measuresShare any personal equipment or utility like water bottle, towel etc.
2Change at respective rooms before and after trainingEngage in any form of physical contact like hand shake, high-five, hugs etc.
3Practice hand hygiene at regular intervalsSocialize before or after training with other athletes/ staff
4Maintain distance of minimum 2meters from other individuals at all times and at all placesTouch face or mouth while handling shared sports equipment
5Shower before physiotherapy/ massageAvoid group meals
6Immediately inform medical personnel if experiencing any illness and avoid training Sharing of mats, or equipment without an appropriate cleaning protocol, in between training sessions 
7Use face masks at all times except during training 
8Exit training facility as soon as training ends 
9Use AarogyaSetuapp 

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