Weightlifting is the heart of strength training. 

  • Target your waist size not just weight. It isn’t just about bulking up and building muscle mass. Its benefits include improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation, cardiovascular fitness and staving off chronic disease, among a laundry list of positives.
  • Equally effective for men or women. 
  • Should be included in the training program of athletes as well as those looking for general wellness
  • Weightlifting has the following movements- Power Clean, Front Squat, Squat Clean, Push Jerk, Power Snatch and Squat Snatch. These movements can be learnt and performed by anyone irrespective of age, gender or current fitness level. 

All you need is a good coach. Don’t wait ……learn weightlifting.


Session Details 

1) Basic- 3 sessions 

Duration of each session 60 minutes. Price: Rs 3,999/-


2) Advanced- 7 sessions 

Duration of each session 60 minutes Price: Rs 6999/-