Go Girl Go campaign has been launched as an initiative by the Department of Sports and Youth Services of Maharashtra to strengthen and empower girls across the state through sports. "Go Girl Go" campaign and has been initiated with Khelo India Youth Games 2020 and 304 girls from Maharashtra participated in it.

The campaign envisions to foster an environment for girls where they can be actively involved in physical and sports activities at school, gain confidence to choose a career in sports and built the right nutritional habits for a healthy life.

This campaign focuses on nutrition, physical fitness and participation in sports for girls. We aim to give them the right knowledge for a healthy future and target to overcome challenges faced by girls to participate in sports activities.


When a girl is educated and shown the right way, she influences a whole family when she grows up. There are 1.2 Crore girls in Maharashtra, consequently, they can positively impact 1.2 crore families.

This is a platform to help athletes connect with mentors. 

  • As an athlete you may get help in the area of training, sponsorship and guidance.
  • Those who would like to encourage women in sports can help the aspirants by providing them guidance and sponsorship.