Posture for Performance

  • Does your child slouch too much?
  • Do you have to keep reminding him/her to change the way they sit or stand?
  • Does your child have a sedentary lifestyle with limited or not the right kind of movement?
  • Does your child spend much time on a laptop, phone or tablet?

This poor posture is directly linked to body pain, fatigue, poor circulation of blood and headaches. Long term effects can be spinal degeneration and muscle-related issues, neck pain, disrupted digestion, breathing issues and arthritis.
Poor posture also impacts participation in athletic and sporting events as well as the concentration in the classroom.
Correct posture is essential for your child’s future performance. Failing to do this makes them prone to a lifetime of reduced efficiency and risk of pain and injury.




What can you expect from this program?

  • Correction in foundational movements (body management, locomotor and object control skills)
  • Habit around taking frequent breaks
  • Strengthening of back and core
  • Safe- Environment
  • Personalised attention by expert trainers
  • Engaging activities





What is the expected outcome of the program?

  • Ability to sit and walk straight
  • Better core strength
  • Reduced risk of pain and injury
  • Right lifelong habit around posture management

First Impressions are really important, you may forget a person’s clothes, words or how they look but not their posture. So, help your child develop a good posture to peak their performance in every field. 

About the program

It’s an online two way video session

Age: 7 -17 years

Course start date: 21st April, 2021

Duration: 4 weeks

Days: Wednesday and Saturday

Time: 5PM IST

Regular Price: INR7499

Offer Price: INR4999 (use the coupon code POSTURE, valid till 20th April 2021)

*Limited seats available

Download the app and enroll today, link given below.