Strength and Stamina

A lot of us ensure our children play various sports like cricket, badminton, football, etc. 
“The five S’s of sports training are Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit”. Traditional coaching is mainly focused on skill and spirit. But the other three (Strength, Stamina and Speed) are more critical for sports and life. Eg: Just knowing the correct strokes cannot make you a great batsman if you do not have the stamina and strength to perform
This program is aimed at focusing on the key pillars of a healthy, athletic and prosperous life: Stamina & Strength. 
The following aspects are directly related to a child’s stamina and strength.
  • Gross & Fine motor skills (e.g. carrying heavy school bags, walking, running, skipping, holding a pencil, cleaning teeth, etc.)
  • Sporting skills (Eg: catching, throwing and hitting a ball with a bat, kicking a ball, etc.)
  • Skeletal and Muscle Strength (Ligaments, tendons and joint health)
  • Obesity
  • Life Skills (Opening lunch boxes, Climbing stairs, Getting dressed, tying laces, making the bed, etc)
  • Participation in all physical activities helps develop solid friendships and combat poor self-esteem and bullying issues.
  • Body muscle tone.
What can you expect from this program?
• Body Awareness: Knowing and understanding the body movements.
• Group sessions to work on strength, stamina and endurance
• 1:1 session with an expert to work on Movement, Nutrition and Recovery
• Safe Environment
What is the expected outcome of the program?
• Improved core strength: Strengthened’ core’ (namely the large central muscles) of the body and more body stability.
• Improved functional muscle strength throughout the body.
• Ability to simplify physical skills into one or two-step components 
• Increased endurance- The child will be able to do the same activity for increased duration and intensity.
• Improvement in Muscle tone.

About the program

It’s an online two way video session

Age: 7 -17 years

Course start date: 21st April, 2021

Duration: 4 weeks

Days: Tuesday and Friday

Time: 5PM IST

Regular Price: INR7499

Offer Price: INR4999 (use the coupon code STRENGTH, valid till 20th April 2021)

*Limited seats available

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