In this new age of technology, parents want their children to score well, get a good education and get into a great job. After a couple of years is when we realise the value of true health.  To succeed, You need long lasting strength, confidence and energy. 
Parents understand the need for the same as they frequently find their child’s indulgence into unhealthy food and screen time leading to challenges in their immunity, energy level, lack of sleep, confidence and even socio-emotional adjustment. 
Consumer companies continue to encourage the same products in ever-increasing amounts and there is no science or regime to a child’s fitness. So how do we build Enduring Vitality in your child?
The solution is XTRAFIT KIDS which is based on the three pillars of health – Nutrition, Movement and Recovery.
At XtraFit Kids, we take action today to build an active tomorrow!
In our experience in successfully working with clients from multiple walks of life, we understand that most adulthood issues are related to practices they picked up as kids, which later became habits. We can address a large part of it if we encourage good habits during the formative years.
The Xtrafit Kids program has one focus: Build Enduring Vitality that allows kids to achieve their full potential in school, in sports, or whatever they wish to pursue in life.


Eating patterns built during childhood serve as a foundation for life. What we eat early on shapes brain development, metabolism, and overall health.
You may only need to make a few small changes to improve your child’s nutritional profile and ensure a lifetime of healthy – and pleasurable – eating.
After all, nutrition affects all aspects of childhood growth, development, and health.
This includes:
-maintaining a healthy weight;
-avoiding health problems related to excess body fat;
-gut health; and
-brain development and behavior.


Sitting less and functional movement for 60 minutes a day (not necessarily all in one go) has many health benefits for children:

  • healthy bodyweight, bones, muscles and joints
  • healthy heart and lungs
  • right posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and muscle control
  • brain develops vital connections, leading to improved concentration and thinking skills
  • less likely to develop chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Sometimes we underestimate recovery, lack of recovery can lead to poor performance.

We monitor the sleep cycle and rest period to understand recovery and suggest you the right improvements required.


We believe every child is unique, and understanding them is paramount to know how and where to begin! 

We have three fun-filled group sessions in a week! An hour-long 2-way interactive video session with peers of the same age group filled with fun and activities that are fun and insightful that include:

  • Movement Competencies 
  • Nutritional Habits
  • Recovery

Bi-weekly reports to share the progress of the program along with two-way feedback to foster the best experience

What’s life without a celebration? Our reward system provides positive reinforcement to all participants fostering the values of the importance of community!